Sora Dora Discovery Set

Sora Dora discovery set 9*1.5ml

Winter Wonders: A Mysterious and Velvety Discovery Set of Oriental Fragrances

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Indulge in the captivating world of Sora Dora with our exquisite Discovery Set. This curated collection of nine perfumes, each in 1.5ml vials, offers a journey through evocative scents that capture the essence of moments, memories, and untamed landscapes. Explore the unique narratives behind each fragrance:

  1. Jany:

    • Immerse yourself in the tranquil summer garden and the warmth of a kitchen where Jany, Antoine's daughter, crafts her beloved tarte tatin. Jany unfolds with the cozy aroma of baked apples and cinnamon sticks, transitioning to buttery puff pastry, rich caramel, almonds, and vanilla. A powerful and lingering scent, it pays homage to childhood pastries and the sweet delights of unforgettable delicacies.
  2. Mandorle:

    • Embark on a tale of unapologetic seduction and unmistakable charm. Mandorle opens with a bold explosion of almonds, leading to a heart of icy cherry and a powerful leather accord base. This dreamy combination of gourmand notes with magnetic musky roundness captivates with its sensuality, celebrating the moments when attraction is guided by intuition.
  3. Broceliande:

    • Experience the enchantment of a mystical forest with Broceliande. Opening with a vibrant burst of citrus, it transitions into sweet notes of caramel and cinnamon. The heart reveals an essence of oak cask enriched with subtle whisky aromas, capturing the spirit of ancient forests. Broceliande is an embodiment of the wild spirit, inviting you to embrace untamed instincts.
  4. Mallow:

    • Mallow tells the story of a candy-flower, bursting with the infinite sweetness of violet powder. This temperamental yet mellifluous fragrance transcends traditional perfumery, offering an experience for all the senses. Notes of heliotrope and secretive orange blossoms elevate the sensory journey, making Mallow an olfactory delight beyond compare.
  5. Greasque:

    • Gréasque embodies the essence of a fragrant village in southeastern France. Elegant and indomitable, it weaves a striking Provençal trail with blackcurrant, bergamot, and mint at its heart. Touches of cedar and clary sage evoke the freshness of early sunny days, while deeper notes create an imperious trail for the daring. Gréasque is a celebration of spring's awakening.
  6. Kamel Oud:

    • A tribute to Kamel, the friend who revealed the secrets of the oriental olfactory universe to Antoine. Kamel Oud encapsulates charisma with a dynamic blend of incense, oud wood, and red fruits. An ode to oriental desires, this fragrance magnifies your next 1001 days and nights, expressing gratitude to Kamel for his invaluable knowledge.
  7. Gladiator:

    • Inspired by Éric, Antoine's grandson, Gladiator is a conquering blend of grapefruit, pineapple, bergamot, and bigarade. With a heart of Egyptian geranium, peppermint, and ambergris, this amorous elixir captivates with every moment, making it your greatest asset in seduction.
  8. Orchidee Rouge:

    • A tribute to the traveler's tale, Orchidee Rouge encapsulates the essence of the Red Orchid with its adorable embrace. This fragrance takes you on a journey across the Indian Ocean, offering a blend of black vanilla extracts, heliotropic accord, almond milk, rum, benzoin, and white musks. Orchidee Rouge promises an intoxication beyond measure, demanding desire.
  9. Vanuatu:

    • Vanuatu exudes self-evident elegance, inspired by the essence of Melanesia. A fragrance with a base note of sandalwood, wrapped in fig leaves, capturing organic, fruity top notes. With floral and woody scents blended uniquely, Vanuatu promises a fresh, bewitching sensation. This elixir leads you to the doors of unexpected destinies and chance encounters.

Embark on a sensory odyssey with Sora Dora, where each perfume is a chapter in an enchanting olfactory story.

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