Pin your emotions perfume discovery set
Pin your emotions perfume discovery set: Amore Caffe mancera, Wavechild Room 1015

Set Of Pins

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Dive Into a Fragrance Frenzy: Every Month, the Set of Pins Unleashes a Fresh Blast of Scent Surprises!

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Dive into the "Set of Pins" Perfume Collection, your gateway to a world where fragrance meets imagination, offering a meticulously curated exploration of scents. This exclusive, limited-edition set is a monthly invitation to an ever-evolving olfactory adventure, carefully selected to delight and surprise with its diversity and depth.

Highlights of the April Collection:

  • Monthly Renewal: Discover a new ensemble on the 1st day of each month.
  • Exclusivity: Limited quantities make each collection a rare treasure.
  • Diverse Array: From robust espresso to zesty citrus, cater to every preference.

April's Curated Fragrances Include:

  • 7 Unique Perfumes: Each 1 ml vial comes with its own sprayer for an intimate testing experience.
  • Amore Caffe Mancera: Rich espresso, vanilla, and amaretto blend, unfolding into a creamy, long-lasting scent.
  • Wave Child Room 1015: Fresh coconut and watermelon, offering a burst of refreshment.
  • Jest Andrea Maack: Sensual, boozy plum for a daring and erotic allure.
  • Blanc de Blanc Venezia 1920: Soft coconut magnolia, weaving a delicate and captivating tale.
  • Wulongcha X Hacivat: Sophisticated lemony tea, refreshing and elegant.
  • Piazza Affari Milano Fragranze: Vivid citrusy lavender, capturing the essence of Milanese vitality.
  • Silver Marble Simone Andreoli: Cool, fresh essence perfect for the warmth of summer days.

This collection is more than a set of fragrances; it's a passport to realms of sensation and memory, a chance to discover and to remember. Each scent is a note in the symphony of your life, a pin in the map of your personal journey through the world of fragrances.

Pin your memories and ignite your dreams as you explore the diverse landscapes captured within each vial of the "Set of Pins" Perfume Collection. Allow these fragrances to be the keys that unlock the doors to uncharted territories of emotion and experience. Embark on this journey, pin your memories, and let the world of fragrances guide you to unforgettable destinations.

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The fragrance industry is constantly evolving, with new and unique scents being created all the time. At Parfum Exquis, we stay on top of the latest trends in perfumery and strive to bring you fresh and innovative ideas.

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Our 5ml perfume decant is designed to provide approximately 70 sprays, which is enough to last for a month if you use two sprays per day. Similarly, our 10ml fragrance decant, when used at the same spritz rate, will provide enough scent for approximately two months. Decants are a great way to explore new fragrances without having to commit to a full bottle. They offer an affordable way to try out different scents and find the perfect fragrance for you.

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Our Perfume Discovery Sample Sets are the perfect way to explore new scents and find the perfect fragrance for you. Each set includes several fragrance samples, allowing you to test each scent and discover your favorite.

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