Gritti perfume for day and night Review

Gritti selection for day and night

Jun 27, 2024

As a lover of perfumes, I often want to add a kind of yin-yang fragrance to my collection, which could emphasize my style at different times of the day. After all, wearing light daytime perfume at a social evening event is a crime, isn't it? I recently had the pleasure of meeting two wonderful perfumes from Gritti: Adele and Florian. Each of them offers what I need, and they are perfect for different occasions. With its light and refreshing floral notes, the first perfume has quickly become my favorite daytime fragrance. Meanwhile, the second perfume, with its deep exotic essence, has proven to be the perfect companion for my evening events. I hasten to share my impressions of these two perfumes with you!

Soft flowers in the sunlight Gritti Adele : Halcyon days vibe

It is a gorgeous scent for women that really captures the essence of daytime grace. The top notes of osmanthus, jasmine, and may rose create a welcoming, floral bouquet that's both sweet and refreshing. The middle notes of tuberose and narcissus add a deep, white flower richness, while the base notes of white cedar and ambergris give it a velvety finish. 

Adele Gritti Perfume Review

This fragrance is worth trying for those who like the smell of Good Girl Gone Bad By Kilian

On my skin, osmanthus gives it a slight tropical touch, making it great for summer, spring, and early autumn. Adele lasts for about 8-10 hours, so it's perfect for long days in the office or casual outings. It's light, airy, and always draws compliments from people around me.

Eastern night in the atmosphere of perfume Gritti  Florian 

This perfume is a completely unisex fragrance that has a mysterious and alluring aura, which is why I love to wear it at night. Top notes include saffron, cardamom and ginger, giving it an immediate kick with their strong natural presence. Middle notes include lao oud, myrrh and taif rose, adding depth to the scent. Base notes consist of civet, frankincense and sandalwood, providing a warm and something like primal feeling.

Perfume Review Florian Gritti

This fragrance vaguely reminded me of the Ombre Nomade Louis Vuitton

Saffron and oud stand out, reminding me of the mysterious hero in Jan van Eyck's painting "The Man in the Red Turban". It fills a room with rich Arabic fragrance, evoking images of deserts, camels and caravans. It lasts about 8 hours on me, making it perfect for chilly evenings and special occasions.

In conclusion, Adele and Florian are two extraordinary fragrances that cater to different aspects of my lifestyle. Adele, with its light and floral profile, is perfect for daytime wear, ensuring that I feel fresh and confident throughout the day. On the other hand, Florian brings a deep, exotic aroma ideal for nights when I want to make a memorable impression. Both scents showcase Gritti's mastery in blending unique and high-quality ingredients to create long-lasting perfumes that not only captivate but also leave a lasting impression. I highly recommend trying them both to experience their unique, enchanting aromas firsthand.


Informed perspective from Stanislav

Adele by Gritti is the perfect daytime fragrance, offering a fresh, vibrant scent that energizes and uplifts. I feel that this fragrance can be the scent of a wedding for a bride, with its tender floral accords, which transform to a creamy flower and stays as a pleasant second-skin scent, giving you a sip of freshness. Yes for blind buy, for a present and absolutely must-try!

Florian by Gritti is an enchanting evening fragrance, rich and sophisticated. With deep, woody, and spicy notes, it creates a warm, alluring presence perfect for nighttime events or intimate gatherings. This fragrance is unisex, adding a touch of mystery and elegance to any occasion. Florian's long-lasting scent ensures you'll leave a memorable impression wherever you go.


How long does Florian last on the skin?

This perfume has excellent longevity, lasting approximately 8 hours on the skin. It's perfect for evening events or nightwear.

What occasions are ideal for wearing Adele?

This perfume is ideal for daytime wear, including office settings, casual outings, and social gatherings. Its light and watery floral notes make it perfect for creating a fresh and elegant impression.

Can men wear Gritti Florian?

Yes, it is a unisex fragrance that is suitable for both men and women. Its rich floral notes make it a little more feminine, but if you like this fragrance, then why limit yourself to gender boundaries.

Is Adele suitable for year-round wear?

This perfume is best suited for Summer, Spring, and Early Autumn due to its light, refreshing floral profile.


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