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The idea of a scent that's truly one-of-a kind is something we can't get enough of. Our philosophy at Parfum Exquis has always been to offer you the best from all over world, hope you will enjoy it.

Profumum Roma Italian niche fragrances

Profumum Roma is Italian brand founded in 1996 by Giuseppe, Luciano, Maria and Felice Durante. With the name "Roma", it is a tribute to all those who love the Italian capital, and to those men who feel an innate connection with their country. The scent does not look back nostalgically on the past, but gives form and substance to modernity: it's a very contemporary take on tradition – as one would expect from Rome

Founded in 1996by Turkish enterpreneur Cetin Akat. This brand mix French perfume traditions with Oriental rich woody ingredients. Thick, rich and powerfull scents

Vertus Paris oriental perfumery
Jul Et Mad Paris niche perfumery logo

  'Jul Et Mad Paris' is a modern story of love without a border. Founded in 2011 by Julien Blanchard, Madalina Stoika and their love story. The perfume collection reflects the feelings inspired different parts of the world and art creations.


The niche, French brand BYBOZO was founded by Khalil Hamoudi in 2020. Hamoudi was born and brought up in sunny Kurdistan and has always been inspired by beauty and abundance. Passionate about art and the world of fashion, he strives to realise his dreams and is creating his first 11 amazing fragrances. He does this in honour of his entire family, he even named the brand BYBOZO after his grandfather, Fatah Bozo.

Niche perfumery brand Bybozo Paris

Anima Mundi is a journey back to the most fascinating and remote periods of human history. Oriental style fragrances.