Atelier Des Ors

Atelier Des Ors is an embodiment of French Haute Parfumerie. Our fragrances are a result of years of honing our craft and combining it with French savoir-faire. Our perfumes carry an artful blend of sophistication, sensuality, and alluring scents. Every drop of our fragrance is crafted with utmost care and symbolism of gold, a true hallmark of perfection. The result is an olfactory bouquet that is distinctive, flamboyant, and capable of capturing the imagination. Each bottle carries a tale of mystery, sensuality, and delicateness, allowing you to connect with it on a deep level. Our perfumes are not just a luxury, but an experience that is unparalleled, elegant, and poetic. We seek out talented scent artists, gold gilders, street artists, photographers, and master craftspeople to help us bring our perfumes to life. By working together, our team is able to create scents that are not only beautiful but also truly distinctive.