For Suppliers

Welcome to Parfum Exquis - the doorway to an olfactory universe that gathers the finest fragrances from around the globe. If you're a brand passionate about the art of perfumery and are looking to take your creations to an audience that appreciates luxury, quality, and uniqueness, we invite you to collaborate with us.

As a curated perfume boutique, we are committed to sourcing and offering only the most exceptional fragrances. We serve a discerning clientele with sophisticated tastes, who seek out the extraordinary. Each perfume brand in our portfolio is meticulously chosen for its creative vision, artistry, and dedication to quality.

When you partner with Parfum Exquis, your brand will be placed in the company of world-renowned perfumers and innovative niche brands. We believe in providing our customers with a diverse range of fragrances that inspire, captivate, and resonate.

Our team of perfume experts is always on the lookout for unique and fascinating brands that align with our values and vision. We provide a platform that not only showcases your fragrances but tells the unique story of your brand and its creations. We prioritize building a relationship with each of our partners, ensuring we understand the essence of your brand and can share it with our audience.

To initiate a partnership with us, follow these simple steps:

Step 1 - Samples submission 

perfume samples

Please send you samples to our address:

4956 Decarie blvd, Montreal,  Quebec, Canada, H3X 2H7 for Dmitrii Savishin.

Step 2 - Working conditions

parfum Exquis terms of collaboration

After reviewing the samples, we will conduct market research using various platforms such as social networks and Google Analytics. We will carefully consider the working conditions and terms of collaboration.

Step 3 - Contract Agreement

Parfum Exquis new suppliers

If both parties are satisfied with results of the sample evaluation and agree upon the working conditions, we will proceed to sign a contract and placing opening order.

If your brand shares our commitment to the extraordinary and seeks a retail partnership that values quality and creativity, we welcome you to join the Parfum Exquis family. Contact us to learn more about how we can collaborate to bring your exquisite perfumes to the discerning noses of our customers.

Take the step, and let's embark on this fragrance journey together!



Additionally you can consider participation in our Youtube, TikTok, Instagram reviews.

As part of our active presence on social media platforms, we offer the opportunity to create a comprehensive video review of you brand on our YouTube channel. this can be further shared on TikTok| Instagram to expand the reach and exposure of your brand.