ByBozo Perfumes

Dedicated to the BOZO family 

The niche, French brand BYBOZO was founded by Khalil Hamoudi in 2020. Hamoudi was born and brought up in sunny Kurdistan and has always been inspired by beauty and abundance. Passionate about art and the world of fashion, he strives to realize his dreams and is creating his first 11 amazing fragrances. He does this in honor of his entire family, he even named the brand BYBOZO after his grandfather, Fatah Bozo.
When creating these fragrances, the founder recalls his childhood in the mountains, his youth, fresh air, fields filled with flowers, and legends about bonfires. These magical memories form notes in a pyramid of perfume, recreating the past in the present. Each fragrance is unisex, it envelops the wearer, opens a wonderful painting before them, and turns them into the narrator of their destiny, wandering, loving, and rejoicing.
The first collection of capsules will be released in January 2021. The concentration of all fragrances is edP (eau de parfum). The entire line is designed based on natural components. Generous, luxurious, and long-lasting, they stay on the skin for a long time.
The main principle of BYBOZO is not to find your fragrance, but to have a whole collection to change scents like one might change their outfit or mood. The most daring might even mix scents to find their unique shades.
BYBOZO. "What will you leave in your wake?"