Montale Perfumes

MONTALE PARIS is the first brand that combines French chic with oriental luxury. Pierre Montal, who founded the brand, is the most mysterious perfume master of our time. He rarely gives interviews, keeping in the shadow of his perfume masterpieces. According to his beliefs, fragrant melodies speak for themselves. From childhood, Pierre had talent, intelligence, and diligence. He was interested in perfumery and developed from the classical works of the masters from Grasse. After graduating from the institute and having completed an internship at a famous French brand, he created his own perfume brand.

As a result, the Arabic style and unique flavor put the entire perfume world at his feet. The oud tree is the main feature of Montale perfumes. Montal turned oud wood oil into a desirable and highly sought-after ingredient.

When creating perfume masterpieces, he pays great attention to oriental spices. Montale fragrances feature notes of vanilla, sandalwood, musk, rose and amber. Pierre Montal's calling card is to give absolutely any note a new, fresh sound. And multi-colored aluminum bottles, in which sunlight does not penetrate, retain the qualities of the fragrance for a long time.