Gleam London Perfume Review

Check out the trendy niche brand, Gleam London, and their bold and attention-grabbing fragrances!

Jul 10, 2024

Two young women, the daughters of Luca Gritti, have decided to turn their passion for perfume into a reality by launching their own brand, Gleam London. They presented their products at the ESXENCE 2023 exhibition, where they received recognition and admiration from the audience. Their unique approach to perfume-making combines different moods and emotions, rather than following the traditional pyramid structure. Their fragrance collection reflects the diverse and vibrant spirit of London, which inspired them to create this niche brand.

The nutty coffee miracle: Espresso please

Espresso Please is a captivating fragrance for both men and women, ideal for every season except summer. This sweet, thick scent combines top notes of hazelnut and coffee, a middle note of dark chocolate, and base notes of tonka bean and musk. When I wore it on my first date, it lasted on my skin for about six hours and garnered numerous compliments. The fragrance makes me feel like a piece of dark chocolate with a bright hint of nuts – simply delicious and gourmet. It’s an exquisite scent that leaves a memorable impression.

Gleam Espresso Please Perfume Review

Vanilla Crush: Fragrant strawberry cake

This perfume is great for both men and women and it's perfect for all seasons except for summer. It has a top note that's like pear blossom and middle notes that are vanilla and iris. The base notes are white musk and sugar and it makes the whole thing smell light and airy, but it's also really long-lasting. I can still smell it after 8 hours! It reminds me of a vanilla and strawberry cake and when it dries down, there's a hint of fruitiness and iris.This fragrance stands out from most vanilla scents, offering a unique and delightful experience.


Strong and Confidence: Kensington

Kensington is a fragrance that's unisex but leans more towards the masculine side. It has a blend of agarwood, black tea, and ginger, which creates a warm and spicy base with just a hint of sweetness. The main notes are tea, smoke, and wood, which makes it perfect for autumn but also cool weather in general. The scent lasted about 6 hours on my skin, and it's a strong and complex fragrance that gives you a sense of confidence.

Kensington Gleam Perfume Review

If only a cherry tree could eat its own cherries! : delicious Cherry Hook 

Cherry Hook is an absolutely delicious fragrance for both men and women. It's perfect for autumn and winter. The fruity aroma is gourmet, with hints of cherries and cherry pits, as well as almonds and a hint of liqueur. The fragrance is so smooth and sweet, but with a bit of bite from the chili pepper. When I first tried it, I was surprised by how delicate the base note was, but it still managed to carry such a strong, juicy scent for over six hours! It left a lasting impression on my skin.


Gleam London Cherry Hook Perfume Review

Golden Star: Radiance in the middle of everyday life

Golden Star is a gender-neutral fragrance that's perfect for winter and fall. It starts with saffron and oud in the top notes, then has leather in the middle, and ends with amber and patchouli in the base. This complex and unique scent lasted on my skin for over six hours! It's so intoxicating and sexy, perfect for nights out and romantic escapades

Gleam Perfume Golden Star Review

Gleam London perfumes offer an impressive range of fragrances that are truly exceptional. Each scent is unique and unlike anything else I’ve experienced. Whether you're looking for something sweet and gourmet like Espresso Please, airy and cute like Vanilla Crush, robust and masculine like Kensington, fruity and tender like Cherry Hook, or intoxicating and seductive like Golden Star, this brand has a scent for every personality and occasion. 

 Authoritative Dmitrii's insight

I'd like to share my thoughts on the Gleam London perfume brand. They excel in creating fragrances suitable for both men and women, making their collection versatile and inclusive. Most of their scents have an impressive staying power, often lasting more than six hours on the skin. This is a testimony to the quality of their ingredients. Their perfumes are carefully crafted for different seasons, making it easy to find a scent that matches the time of year. Some of their blends, like Kensington, with its mix of agarwood, black tea and ginger, might be too complex or bold for those who prefer simpler, more straightforward fragrances. In summary, Gleam London's scents are rich and complex, perhaps making them less suitable for summer. However, their unique blends and impressive longevity make them a worthwhile investment for perfume enthusiasts.


Are Gleam London perfumes considered niche perfumes?

Yes, this brand of perfumes are considered niche perfumes. Niche perfumes are characterized by their unique scent profiles, and use of high-quality ingredients. Gleam London fits this description perfectly, offering fragrances that cater to discerning perfume enthusiasts looking for something distinctive and luxurious.

What is the difference between niche perfumes and designer perfumes?

The primary difference between niche perfumes and designer perfumes lies in their approach to creation and marketing. Niche perfumes, like those from Gleam London, focus on unique, high-quality ingredients and artistic expression, often produced in smaller quantities. Designer perfumes are usually created by fashion brands, designed to appeal to a broader audience, and are more widely available. Niche perfumes often offer more complex and unconventional scent profiles.

What are some of the most popular Gleam London perfumes?

Some of the most popular of this brand's perfumes include "Vanilla Crush," known for its cute and sensual notes, "Cherry Hook ," which offers a charming and vibrant scent, and "Espresso please," a warm and cozy fragrance. Each of these perfumes has garnered a loyal following for its unique and captivating aroma.

Where can I buy Gleam London perfume in the USA?

You can purchase perfumes of this brand on our website. We will be happy to deliver from to the USA and Canada


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