Xerjoff Perfumes

The Xerjoff brand from Italy rightfully bears the title of a cult selective brand that produces gourmet perfumes, reputed to be an icon of style, combining the best of modernity and classics.

The new collections of the Xerjoff Casamorati brand stirred up the public, because with a good name, the current owner of the company received secret formulas from the brand! On the basis of these masterpieces, verified and proven recipes over the years, the second appearance of the brand once known throughout Europe took place.

Modern Xerjoff perfumes and colognes still strive for the ideal. Acquaintance with these masterpieces of perfume art fascinates already at the stage of contemplation of bottles, the design of which is unusual, remembered from the first time and forever. They are made by hand, decorated with sparkling crystals, gold. After all, the priceless fragrances hidden in bottles are really worthy of such magnificence! Both the form and the content of Xerjoff's creations are impeccable and very harmonious.