Jousset Parfums

Jousset Parfums: A Realm of Gourmand Elegance

Welcome to Jousset Parfums - a realm where gourmand fragrances are redefined with artisanal mastery and innovative flair. Founded in 2020 by Melis Bodin, alongside our in-house French perfumer Jimmy Bodin, Jousset Parfums has quickly established itself as the epitome of versatile gourmand-oriented perfume artistry. Our collection, including the renowned 'Accident à la Vanille', stands as a testament to our dedication to creating luxurious, refined, and irresistibly gourmand fragrances.

Artisanal Excellence in Every Drop

At Jousset Parfums, we believe in the power of artisanal craftsmanship. Each of our extrait de parfum is meticulously handmade, embodying a new pinnacle of perfume concentration ranging from 28.5% to 33.5%. This heightened concentration not only intensifies the aroma but ensures a powerful sillage and outstanding longevity, allowing each scent to leave a lasting impression.

Unleashing Gourmand Potentials

Under the expert guidance of Jimmy Bodin, our fragrances are carefully studied and crafted to unleash their maximum potential. The result is an exquisite range of gourmand perfumes that are both complex and captivating. Each fragrance in our collection is designed to take you on an olfactory journey, revealing layers of depth and sophistication with every note.

Luxurious and Refined Creations

Since its inception, Jousset Parfums has been synonymous with luxury and refinement. Our fragrances are a harmonious blend of the finest ingredients, carefully selected and blended to create gourmand arguments that are as luxurious as they are indulgent. From the creamy depths of vanilla to the rich warmth of amber, each scent is a celebration of gourmand elegance.

A New Chapter in France

Embracing our commitment to excellence, Jousset Parfums has recently moved its production to France, into a brand-new independent atelier. This relocation marks a new chapter in our journey, providing the perfect environment to develop and produce our exceptional gourmand fragrances. In this dedicated space, we continue to push the boundaries of perfumery, crafting scents that are not just fragrances but experiences to be cherished.

Jousset Parfums: Where Gourmand Meets Grandeur

Discover the world of Jousset Parfums, where each fragrance is a masterpiece, and every scent tells a story. Experience the allure of 'Accident à la Vanille' and the rest of our captivating collection. Join us in celebrating the art of fine perfumery, where innovation meets tradition, and every creation is a journey into the heart of gourmand luxury.