The Profumum Roma brand begins its history in the middle of the last century. Its founders, the Durante couple, moved from a small town to permanent residence in Rome in order to open their own shop selling souvenirs. The couple was confident in the success of their business. For several years they have thought over the smallest details of their business.
Luisa and Celestino, that was the name of the couple, interested their customers in the quality of the products, as well as in the extraordinary design. They tried to ensure that their business was distinguished by good service. Gradually, the Durents began to open branches of their office. Passing the business down from generation to generation, the sale of souvenir products has become a real family business. In the late 90s, the grandchildren of the founders of the brand took over ownership of a large business, and also expanded the range of products offered to their customers. 1996 was marked by the release of the author's aroma of perfumery Profumum Roma. Their distinctive feature lies in their composition. The perfume contains rare ingredients that are practically not found in the perfumes of other manufacturers.
Perfumes from Profumum Roma are created according to unique formulas. The brand's fragrances have no age or gender restrictions. They can be used by both young and energetic connoisseurs of high-quality aromas, and people who are mature and wise in life experience.
Perfume from Profumum Roma is perfect for those who like to watch the process of "opening" a complex combination of colors, which are concentrated in one bottle of fragrant happiness.