Le Labo Fragrances

Discover Le Labo – the sensorial experience that brings together science, art and emotion. The brand does not use advertising in the media, and the site states: "We believe that celebrities should buy our product for money." This approach gave a very unexpected result - an increase in interest in Le Labo fragrances. They are created with a high attention to detail and craftsmanship, meaning that you can be sure of a top quality product when you buy Le Labo perfume. 

The brand was founded by Eddie Rosky and Fabrice Penault in New York in 2006. With their own funds, Fabrice and Eddy launched a perfume startup. They did everything to make the result of their work different from the products of modern perfume giants. Strict glass bottles, drugstore-like labels - the creators of the Le Labo (French: "the laboratory") focused on the fragrance itself, and not on external attributes.

At the start of Le Labo's history, perfumes were prepared right in the store, in front of the client. Perfume concentrate, alcohol and water were mixed in a bottle in a strictly calculated proportion. The aroma was as fresh as possible. And there was a feeling of magic and involvement in the perfume behind the scenes!

To create perfumes Le Labo attract great "noses". Experts are not limited by the price of the components of the new masterpiece. The main thing is the result! Le Labo uses the highest quality ingredients. Fabrice and Eddie joke that they are willing to test their perfumes on New Yorkers, but not on animals.