Jul Et Mad

Jul et Mad Paris is a French fragrance house that was founded in 2012. Since its inception, the brand has released 19 unique fragrances, each one created in collaboration with a different perfumer. Jul et Mad's first fragrance, Aqua Sextius, was created by Dorothee Piot and released in 2012. The brand's newest scent, Luca Maffei, was released in 2022.
Jul et Mad's fragrances are known for their unique blends of contemporary and classic ingredients. The brand's signature scent, Jul et Mad Paris, is a blend of rose and jasmine.
Other popular Jul et Mad scents include Aqua Sextius (a citrusy blend with notes of fig, tea and mimosa), crafted by Cecile Zarokian (a floral blend of rose and lily-of-the-valley).
Jul et Mad's luxurious scents are perfect for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a sophisticated evening perfume or a casual daytime scent, Jul et mad has something for you.