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Attar Collection: The Spirit Of The Orient For The Western Consumers

Aug 7, 2022 | blog

Attar Collection: find seductive fragrance with the eastern spirit


Oriental traditions have always been fascinating to the Western world. Aromatic spices, smooth silk, enchanting and seductive fragrances – these inseparable elements of the Eastern civilization have significantly enriched the Western culture. With the help of the Attar Collection perfumes, Parfum Exquis wants to take you on the olfactory journey across space and time.


The secret behind the brand is simple: understanding the needs of Western consumers and layering the typical scents of the Middle East with popular gourmand scents (flowers, berries, wood, etc). Every perfume by Attar Collection feels somehow familiar and new at the same time.


About the brand

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Attar Collection was founded in 2015, yet its popularity speaks louder than hundreds of years of history. The selection of this affordable niche perfume is enormous: each product is created as a limited edition and a collector piece. Parfum Exquis invites you to make acquaintance with the spirit of the East in full-size and mini-versions of this cheap niche Dubai perfume.


What I personally find attractive in these fragrances is the irresistible Middle Eastern vibes. Rich and bright compositions are usually based on perfumed oils, rather than on alcohol. It increases the performance of the scent – finding such a long-lasting beast longevity fragrance among European brands is a tricky task.


The creators have thought of every single detail: the enigmatic combination of notes, the gorgeous design of the perfume vial with traditional Arabic motifs, and the incredible chemistry of the fragrance with the skin.


Who is this affordable niche perfume for?

 rosa galore attar collection perfume fragrance

Spices, sandalwood, musk, and oud are among the most luxurious ingredients in the perfume industry. They speak of the exotic Arabic culture and heritage, boost confidence, and increase the sensuality of both men and women. That is why choosing Oriental fragrance as your signature or date perfume is a powerful move.


Discover the spacious selection of the Attar Collection fragrances and find your seductive fragrance for an unforgettable night out.


Which seductive fragrance from Attar Collection to try?

hayati attar collection perfume raspberry ice-cream fragrance 

Another distinctive feature that makes the Attar Collection perfumes desirable is the diversity of their notes. Every bottle is full of aromatic treasures of the East – oud, spices, musk, leather, tobacco, and coffee, which blend with the natural scent of the skin to create a unique aura. No matter where your olfactory preferences lie, the brand always has a scent to please your senses.


I simply love the impressive diversity of the aromas offered by this Arabic brand! Are you into sweet fruity fragrance with notes of ripe mango? Then bright Al Rayhan is what you’re looking for. Do you prefer a delicious gourmand scent? The playful Azora bottle contains litchi, peach, and a few touches of musk to make your presence memorable.

 AZORA attar collection perfume buy fragrance

And of course, no perfume house can exist without everyone’s favorite fragrance: Parfum Exquis boutique has the best-selling cherry perfume of the brand – Khaltat Night – in stock.


Order cheap niche Dubai perfume in the Parfum Exquis store


The most important part of finding the signature fragrance is trying it on and seeing how it blends with your natural scent. On the website of the Parfum Exquis online store, you can get affordable niche perfume in mini flasks (5 or 10 ml) and begin your exploration adventure without spending a fortune.


We offer 100% authentic products by niche perfume brands. If you were looking for the moment to purchase ideal seductive fragrance for date nights, outings with friends, romantic evenings with your significant one, and other occasions, browse the selection of the Attar Collection perfumes and highlight your sensual and naughty side.

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