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Jul 17, 2022


Cherry remains one of the most unpredictable fragrant notes in the perfume industry.
Depending on other ingredients, cherry perfume can be surprisingly versatile: refreshing, sensual, excessively sweet, or even spicy. That’s why I love them so much.

Although cherries are mostly meant to be eaten, have no doubt that such perfume will turn you into a delicious treat as well. For expanding your sensual adventures, I want to share the list of my favorite niche fragrances with cherry accords. Each of them has an exceptional temperament and is available in the Parfum Exquis online boutique.


Sushi Imperiale Bois 1920 perfume

Don’t be misguided by a provocative name – this gourmand scent with crisp citrus notes and cool spiciness has nothing to do with rice. Smoothly changing notes fill the air with oriental-gourmand aroma. In the drydown, there are hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, iced cherry, and sandalwood. Vanilla in the base adds to the creaminess and mild sweetness of the composition.
Despite its citrusy opening, the fragrance is quite weighty and powerful, which makes it not suitable for summertime. It will be a great addition to a formal lunch, working in the office, gala events, or dinner party.

CHERRY OF CASHMERE by Les Fleurs du Golfe

Cherry of cashmere Les fleurs du golfe perfume

Powerful fruity fragrance with intertwining vibes of earthly spiciness and sparkling red fruits. Base notes of bittersweet cherry blend with the intense tartness of patchouli leaves, and together, they create certain maturity to the whole composition. Although it goes with many bright aromas in the base (cherry, mandarin orange, and red fruits), it’s the elegant cherry that dominates in the opening. The abundance of mandarin hints prevents the fragrance from being cloying. As this cheap niche fragrance keeps evolving, it acquires warm shades of amber and leather.
I recommend using this sensual date perfume as your finishing touch before heading to a romantic evening.


KHALTAT NIGHT by Attar Collection

khaltat night attar collection perfume fragrance

A straightforward fragrance – cinnamon, red apple cake, hot cherry pie. However, it’s not the perfume for meeting with a grandma over Xmas dinner. It’s a spellbinding, seductive fragrance for self-confident and charismatic people. Purely unisex.
Deep, prominent cherry notes are highlighted by spicy patchouli and cinnamon. The perfume is a legend and an absolute best-seller of the Attar Collection perfumery house.
Available in several sizes on the Parfum Exquis website.
The fragrance is very balanced, despite the prevailing cherry notes. A perfect choice for lovers of true Arabic scents. It’s important to be moderate: its long-lasting beast longevity formula requires only a couple of spritzes to get noticed.



lost cherry tom ford perfume fragrance 

If I was choosing an ideal date perfume with cherry accords, this creation of Tom Ford would be my first option. From the first spritz, it screams “take me out to the cocktail bar”.
Can be suitable for both days and nights, but its boozy-gourmand nature rather gives me nighttime vibes.
In the opening, it smells like cherry rum and bitter almond. As the name suggests, the aromas of liquor cherry are getting lost and replaced with other nuances: spicy and woody base eventually grows stronger.
Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry doesn’t have a reputation of an affordable niche perfume but at Parfum Exquis, you can get original small-size versions of this fragrance (5 or 10 ml). But careful, there’s no coming back after you try this teasing scent!


rouge smoking bdk perfume 

Cherry perfume with a sultry vibe: if there was an inspiration for this scent, I’d name Jessica Rabbit. This is what a daring, liberated woman with infinite dignity would wear. It’s warm and spicy, flirtatious and sophisticated, and so irresistibly lascivious.
With such a complex pyramid of notes (cherry, bergamot, vanilla, tonka beans, white musk, wild violet flowers), it’s hard to imagine a more seductive fragrance. Wearing this perfume, get ready to be a scene-stealer everywhere you go.

WRAP ME IN DREAMS by Haute Fragrance Company

wrap me in dreams HFC perfume


This fragrance is not about childish fantasies. It tells a story of an aristocratic lady and her secret passions. A mature, seductive cherry scent is mixed with noble rum and dried fruits in the opening. The composition is complex and opens up like a symphony – bittersweet shades smoothly flow into woody and spicy accords, and it all ends with powdery hints of vanilla and musk.
Classy gourmand scent that echoes to the glamorous epoch of the 1920s, where I could imagine the Great Gatsby characters having a party at a fancy mansion and drinking their cocktails. Despite such reference, the perfume is suitable for both dressy and casual occasions.

HABIBI by ByBozo

habibi bybozo perfume  

This is the scent of calmness and peace, not seduction. It opens with refreshing green leaves and slowly calms down on the skin. I would describe this perfume as “an intimate journey into your soul”. 100% unisex.
Unlike other fragrances on my list, Habibi by ByBozo isn’t centered around the cherry. The olfactory pyramid is diverse: leafy, spicy, and musky accords, berries, and nuts. The cherry note is subtle, mixed with almonds and red currant leaves. Great composition for cozy outings, at-home date nights, and solo dates.

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