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Habibi by ByBozo

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An enveloping aura that will carry you away from the outside world into the world of self-knowledge and tranquility. The aroma will open the inner self for its owner. Soft gourmet Baibozo Favorite will suit when you want warmth and, of course, magic. Composition with bright greenery starts. You find yourself in the forest, where there is a wet broken twig with foliage nearby. And perhaps this is only the first step to solitude with oneself. The heart is creamy and creamy: here almonds, red currant leaves and cherries come into play. This trio creates the feeling of a hypnotic dream. Everything is intertwined so harmoniously that a priori there is a pacification. Over time, the scent becomes softer and calmer. The scent will captivate your personal space. Powdery musk and muted sandalwood round out this fairytale pyramid. Serene is relaxing and incredibly beautiful! We guarantee that Habibi tactfully and discreetly will give its owner even more self-confidence!
The top notes are: Grass
The middle notes are: Almonds, Cherries, Red Leaves, Currants
The base notes are: Musk, Sandalwood
Manufacturer: Paul Emilien