Tom Ford

Tom Ford was born in Texas in 1961. In his youth, he moved to New York, where he studied art history, design and architecture. Students were sent to seminars in Paris and this influenced Tom's European career.
In 1990, he was invited to work as a womenswear designer by the fashion giant Gucci. Success, right? If not for one nuance. It was the worst financial year for the fashion house. Due to miscalculations in strategy and family wars, the brand suffered huge losses. But Tom was not afraid.
In 1992 he became art director of the house, in 1994 - creative director. Already in 1995, the company's revenues increased by 87%. Tom managed everything in it: from fashion to marketing and advertising. In 1996, the US Council of Fashion Designers recognized him as Designer of the Year.
But Ford didn't stop there. He became interested in perfumery and updated the classic Youth Dew perfume for Estee Lauder. And then I decided to create my own fragrance.
A year later, the legendary Black Orchid was presented in New York. And it's not just a pretty name. Especially for this perfume, breeder Fred Clarke brought out a real black orchid. Now Ford's perfume asset has more than 80 chic fragrances.
Tom Ford is a unique individual. He could work with any fashion house, but chose independence and his own brand Tom Ford International.
“Things made with love speak for themselves. I believe that energy can be transferred through material things as you create them,” says Ford.