Simone Andreoli

Simone Andreoli is a perfumer who finds inspiration for his olfactory compositions in memories of distant lands and cities, capturing a travel journal in each fragrance, as a painter on canvas or a piano player does. The olfactory magazine of the talented Italian master tells about the constant wanderings through the streets of the world, whose story evokes emotions and is deposited in memory and smell.
The perfumes of this Italian brand emphasize the uniqueness of each person, forming different olfactory effects depending on who wears it. Simone Andreoli presented his first fragrance in 2011. Since then and until today, all his creations are made entirely in Italy. Common to all niche brand compositions is the use of first-class quality raw materials and meticulous research work. Only thanks to the last Simone Andreoli can create compositions that reflect his travel memories and convey emotions. The perfumes of the Italian perfumer reveal themselves differently on the skin, and since they do not have a clearly defined gender orientation, this feature is extremely important. That is why each perfume from the Simone Andreoli collection is unique.