Parfums de Marly

While the bulk of the reign of Louis the XV was spent at the Château de Versailles, Marly was where he had fun. The Château de Marly was a pleasure palace. His entourage was strictly limited when the royal protocol was set aside to make room for merriment, decadence, and extravagant celebrations. The court of the King was so obsessed with fragrance, that it was dubbed the “perfumed court”: pouches, fans, gloves and even the fountains were doused with perfume. Parfums de Marly wholeheartedly approves.

Fragrances like no other. An authentic perfumery that honors French perfuming savoir-faire without being tied to the old ways. Audacious compositions that dare to defy the norms. The art de Vivre of the Château de Marly is captured in every refined scent. Precious ingredients. Every bottle, a plunge into the splendor of the invisible.