Mancera Perfumes

Mancera is still a very young, but very bright brand. Its signature style can be described as an attempt to make fragrances at the junction of East-West. This is oriental luxury and exoticism of distant countries, adapted to European standards, make Mancera fragrances more understandable for western "noses".

The perfume brand Mancera was created in 2008 in Paris as a gift from his father, Pierre Montal, to his daughter, Amelie Manser. The girl's childhood passed in her father's laboratory, surrounded by test tubes and aromas. And of course, this could not but affect her own interest in perfumery. Amelie graduated from the Paris school of design, was fond of photography and tried her hand at business. However, in whatever direction she found herself, one way or another, she always returned to perfumery.

In 2017, Amelie took up the position of art director at Mancera. Amélie loves the art deco style and, in her words, "trying to embody it in the perfumery of her house." Her favorite perfume ingredient is vanilla and she loves sweet scents. High-tech bottles of the brand deserve special mention. Glass, created using the same technology as spaceship portholes, does not let in heat and sunlight, and screw caps, which are rarely used for perfume bottles, only reinforce the impression of high technology.