Lorenzo Pazzaglia

Dive into an olfactive journey that tells a tale as rich and immersive as the Italian landscapes from which it draws inspiration. The Lorenzo Pazzaglia Collection, exclusively showcased at Parfum Exquis, encapsulates the soulful passion of its creator – a man who began his aromatic journey amidst the intoxicating scents of his father’s kitchen and went on to become a maestro in the art of perfumery.

Each fragrance in this collection is a manifestation of Lorenzo's insatiable desire to craft perfumes that linger, not just on the skin, but in memories. Stemming from his personal experiences of falling for fragrances that were ephemeral, Lorenzo made it his mission to create scents that resonate deeply, ensuring they never fade into the background. With an astonishing concentration of 40%, these perfumes promise an intensity that's unparalleled, offering longevity, projection, and sillage that is truly remarkable.

It's not just about creating a scent; it's about evoking shared emotions, building connections, and crafting experiences. As Lorenzo believes, "Genuine love is like a good perfume, intense and perpetual." This ethos is mirrored in every bottle from this collection, presenting fragrances that are as enduring as they are enchanting.

Experience the magic of Italy, the passion of a chef-turned-perfumer, and the power of fragrances that stand the test of time. Only at Parfum Exquis.