Founded in 1760 and passed from father to son since then, Creed is a luxury perfume house boasting an enduring legacy of over 250 years. With roots in London and now based in Paris, Creed has created exquisite fragrances for iconic figures in world history, including kings, queens, and influential dignitaries. The House of Creed remains one of the world’s oldest privately owned fragrance houses, run by the 7th generation master perfumer Olivier Creed.

Creed is renowned for its unique fragrance creation process, a traditional infusion technique that captures the raw and rare materials of each perfume. This commitment to time-honored craft enriches every product with an unrivaled depth, complexity, and longevity. From the regal Green Irish Tweed to the romantic Aventus for Her, Creed's multifaceted fragrances carry a sophisticated appeal that transcends time and trends, embodying a blend of old-world charm and modern elegance.