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Romance in a bottle: Top Niche Perfumes For Valentine’s Day

Feb 4, 2022 | blog

Top niche perfumes for a romantic atmosphere on Valentine’s Day

There are so many ways to tell about your feelings on Valentine’s Day – from a fancy dinner in an expensive restaurant to a cozy movie night just for the two of you. No matter what you prefer to wear during the celebration, be sure to add a touch of seduction with a suitable niche perfume.

The choice of fragrance may dramatically change the whole evening. As you decide to appeal to all senses, it’s important to highlight your intentions and mood with a special perfume.

With Cupid already knocking on our doors, Parfum Exquis online boutique prepared a selection of the most original niche perfumes. Wear one of those during the celebration of Valentine’s Day to make sure you will be remembered.

Wrap me in dreams by HFC

Soaked with the vibes of chic and class, this fragrance can be described in one word: “ritzy”. Dream of the Great Gatsby atmosphere where wealthy men are smoking their piper and talking about politics? Then this is the right bottle to buy. It smells like cherry and expensive liquor. When wearing this niche perfume you’re making a statement.

Wrap me in dreams is a relatively new fragrance on the market. HFC released it only in 2020. If you feel like getting a signature scent before it becomes trendy, choose this perfume.

Main accords: powdery cherry, rum, dried fruits

Choose it if you: spend Valentine's Day in a luxurious place. This fragrance is great for an intimate evening in fancy restaurants, elite clubs, or romantic dinners with candles.

Apres l'Amour №4 by Thomas Kosmala

Apres lamour thomas kosmala designer fragrance unisex spray best choice for dates

What can be more romantic on Valentine’s Day than to wear the same perfume with your date? Apres l’Amour is a versatile niche perfume. Aside from the universal woody scent of bittersweet orange and fresh lemon peel, it has different smells for everyone – the variety of individual aromas is impressive.

This fragrance is powerful and sharp, the sweetness at the opening is gradually replaced by strong woody and spicy notes. It basically screams “sex” so you’ll definitely be turning heads everywhere you go.

Main accords: musk, woody notes with lemon zest, amber

Choose it if you: love long and musky scents that last for weeks.

Musk Kashmir by Attar Collection

Musk cashmere unisex fragrance seducing perfume

A unique and recognizable scent that transfers you somewhere to the Arabic fairy tale. A simple composition that is more than enough to charm you and your date during Valentine’s Day. It’s not heavy or too much oriental, as we might expect, but airy and subtle.

Despite the absence of many ingredients, this niche perfume is versatile and mysterious. It’s about a combination of the opposite: hot and cold, tenderness and passion, obedience and obstinacy. All mysteries of the East in a gorgeously designed bottle.

Main accords: white musk, gardenia, sandalwood, white pepper

Choose it if you: want to charm your date with unusual oriental scents. The fragrance brings sensual and mysterious vibes.

Red Squared by Bybozo

Red squared niche fragrance with wow effect

Tempting and gorgeous, this niche perfume was created for confident people. You know that feeling when you endlessly love the world and everything in it for no reason? This is what Red Squared by ByBozo will give you.

The notes of expensive saffron add to the chic of this oriental and gourmet fragrance. The floral sweetness of jasmine is shaded by woody amber and white cedar hints. Your date would feel like a millionaire next to you on this Valentine’s Day (and night).

Main accords: jasmine, saffron

Choose it if you: know for sure that the world is your oyster. This niche perfume is for bold, confident and prosperous people.

Not a perfume by Juliette has a gun

Not a perfume niche fragrance long-lasting from Juliette has a gun

Just like true love, this niche perfume requires good chemistry. Due to its unusual composition (it is made from one key ingredient called Ambrox), the fragrance unfolds differently on the skin of various people. If there’s no sparkle, you won’t like it or won’t feel at all.

If you’re lucky and this fragrance blends well with your skin, get ready to be amazed. It gives strong vibes “like my skin but better” – pure, fresh, clean.

We recommend going on a few dates with Not a perfume – order a sample that wouldn’t hurt your budget and give it a try. It’s hard to predict how this niche perfume is going to behave on your skin.

Main accords: Ambrox, cetalox

Dressing down and going out or staying in for a romantic homemade dinner, make sure this Valentine’s Day is going to be memorable for you and your date. Select the right niche perfume according to your mood and occasion and get ready for quality time together.

Happy St. Valentine's !


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