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The popular Art Land Collection line of the French perfume brand Memo in 2020 has grown by one more member. Fans were presented with a stylish floral oriental scent Memo Sintra, aimed at representatives of both sexes of humanity.

With its help, perfume aesthetes will be transferred to one of the narrow streets of the mysterious Sintra - a small cozy town located near the noisy Portuguese Lisbon. The main attraction of these places was the ancient architectural palace, surrounded by picturesque lush forests, lulled by the measured murmur of luxurious fountains and the wonderful singing of outlandish birds. Literally a few steps from this incredible place, an impenetrable tropical forest stretches, whose characteristic freshness and damp coolness are conveyed to the public through the prism of this magical perfume's impeccable aromatic pyramid.

The creative and talented master Philippe Paparella-Paris, who relied on exotic fruits and floral accords, masterfully seasoned with gourmand notes of gourmet sweetness, took over the work on the fragrance formula. In the heart of the picture, endless streams of precious sacred resins shimmer, in the radiance of which the fragile snow-white petals of jasmine, royal roses, and seductive African orange blossom drowned. The beauty of the Memo Sintra composition reveals evenly and gradually, like a luxurious peacock's tail, flashing with bright olfactory colors of the trail, collected from the warm notes of Madagascar vanilla and sweet marshmallow, diluted with musk and caramel.
Top notes: Bergamot , Red fruits , Neroli , Petitgrain
Heart notes: Jasmine, Cinnamon, Milk, Rose, Orange flower, Resin
Base notes: Caramel, Cedar, Madagascar vanilla, Marshmallow, Musk
  • Eau de Parfum
  • Made in France
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