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Red Tobacco Mancera
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Red Tobacco

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2017 was marked by the appearance of a new, interesting woody scent that reminds of a walk through a coniferous forest, relaxing by a warm fire with a delicious dinner and a pleasant company, a journey into the bosom of unexplored nature, and much more. Its name is Mancera Red Tobacco, a real classic for connoisseurs of unisex spicy fragrances. Thanks to the harmonious combination of sensual, delicate chords and unrestrained, magnificent accents, it is ideal for both men and women with a liberated nature and a love for new, unrestrained events.

The piquant spice of foreign saffron is superbly set off by a bouquet of oriental spices, in which refined cinnamon, coupled with incendiary nutmeg, occupies a special place. The intoxicating haze of burning incense makes you dizzy and makes you surrender to the will of feelings and emotions without a trace. Fruity motifs of a ripe, green apple are amazingly diluted with the dizziness of natural oud. The heart of the perfume composition is represented by snow-white, pretty jasmine, which seems to be spinning in a slow dance with bitter-resinous patchouli. Heavy notes of natural tobacco appear in harmonious tandem with tempting amber, opening the base of the triangle. The final word belongs to the classic, woody accords of slender sandalwood and Haitian vetiver, which are diluted with the seductiveness of white musk and leave behind a zesty, long-lasting trail.

The fragrance of Mancera Red Tobacco will be appropriate in the evening, at a gala event, or a business date.

Top notes: Green apple, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Nutmeg, Oud, Saffron
Heart notes: Jasmine, Patchouli
Base notes: Amber, white musk, Vetiver, Madagascar vanilla, Tobacco, Woody notes

  • Made in France
  • Eau de Parfum