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The flowering of Diptyque Philosykos is reminiscent of the warm breath of a light breeze that has just caressed the leaves of a fig tree. It has been turning the heads of hundreds of admirers and admirers for several years, forcing them, again and again, to be imbued with the charm of the green valleys of the Adriatic.

Diptyque Philosykos is thoroughly imbued with the philosophy of woody charm: at the beginning of the composition, an energetic burst of lush greenery motifs is clearly visible, which gently turns into a rich aroma of figs, and then dissolves in the trail of an aristocratic fougere fragrance.

Diptyque Philosykos holds a wondrous memory of the Greek land that gave rise to the rich aromatic bouquets that underlie it. The perfume harbors bright splashes of first enthusiastic impressions, and be sure that each chord of Diptyque Philosykos will make you experience them with renewed vigor. Solar energy in a unisex format, which is hidden in each bottle of Diptyque Philosykos, gives a feeling of inner harmony and self-improvement.

The flowering of the fragrance brings to life the philosophy of eternal flowering, which goes out for just a few seconds, and then opens in new forms. The interweaving of fresh woody accords with the sweet aroma of coconut creates the grace of Diptyque Philosykos, which gives a feeling of noble tranquility and all-encompassing inspiration.

Top notes: Fig leafs
Heart notes: Figs
Base notes: Cedar

  • Eau de toilette
  • Made in France