Moonlight in heaven by Kilian decant 5ml 10 ml
Moonlight in Heaven by Kilian niche perfume
Moonlight in Heaven fine fragrance parfum

Moonlight in Heaven

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"Moonlight in Heaven" is a subtle fougere unisex perfume filled with magic and incredible, almost mystical appeal.

Dazzling like moonlight.

The pulp of coconut and juicy mango shimmers on a powdery iris, while tart vanilla tonka beans combined with smoky vetiver add depth and languor to the composition.

If it was possible to marry a fragrance, it would be he! Your lust ...

Moonlight In Haven is dedicated to young lovers, honeymoon, romance and love.

Top notes: Grapefruit, mango, pink pepper, red berries

Heart notes: coconut, mango, rice

Dry notes: Tonka beans, vetiver

  • Eau de Parfum
  • Maden in France