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Atelier Cologne

Lemon Island by Atelier Cologne

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Atelier Cologne Lemon Island is a perfumed embodiment of calmness and serenity that accompanies everyone during a fabulous vacation on one of the distant exotic islands. The aroma of inner harmony and peace of mind is warm and sunny, like an early morning in the tropics, where the smells of fresh morning dew mix with the fragrance of juicy fruits, merging into a single ecstasy of bliss and natural beauty.

The olfactory pyramid is based on just a few perfume chords, each of which evokes warm associations with relaxing on a warm, salty beach. The hot warmth of the sun's rays merges with the streams of bewitching light emitted by human skin, creating a magical synthesis of the brightest feelings and emotions, uplifting and stimulating unprecedented vigor.

The painting by Atelier Cologne Lemon Island is based on the sweetness of a juicy lemon brought from the exotic countries of the Indian Ocean. Green citrus accords blend exquisitely with salty floral accents of seductive jasmine. It is also noteworthy that the bulk of the perfume components of this composition are of natural origin, and the premium raw materials used to create the formula are delivered to the brand's laboratories from all over the world. Warm splashes of vanilla, brought from distant Madagascar, gently complement the overall harmony of the fougere scent, creating an unsurpassed light trail with light aquatic echoes of the sea breeze.


Top notes: Lemon
Heart notes: Indian jasmine
Base notes: Madagascar vanilla