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Lait et Chocolat by Chabaud Maison de Parfum

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 Appetizing gourmand fragrance Chabaud Maison de Parfum Lait Et Chocolat will become the most desired delicacy for perfumery “sweet teeth”. And this is not surprising, because its creator, perfumer Sophie Chabaud, chose the sound of expensive gourmet chocolate, prepared according to classic Swiss recipes, as the dominant note for the composition.

A delicious fragrance with characteristic oriental notes was presented in 2017 by the French niche perfume brand Chabaud Maison. Each creation of the masters of the fashion house is a storehouse of vivid memories from childhood, distant wanderings and dreams of a wonderful future.

The smooth opening of the olfactory pyramid of the perfume is reminiscent of traditional Oriental coffee preparation. Among the sand heated by the southern sun, an elegant Turk with a divine drink, fragrant with the aromas of delicious dark chocolate, languishes. Melodious overflows spread the charming floral overflows of snow-white jasmine - the king of aphrodisiacs and a symbol of true love. An ocean of sensual pleasure flows into the heart of the composition, enveloping the flowing woody accords of white cedar and expressive nuances of teak wood. The rich, flawless finale of the perfume fills the picture with the charming sweetness of noble vanilla and milk chocolate, hanging in the air with an intriguing musky plume.

Permeated with chocolate sweetness and noble woody notes, Chabaud Maison de Parfum Lait Et Chocolat perfume fills the soul with the most pleasant emotions and is enjoyed by others with special pleasure, regardless of the season, weather or time of day.

Top notes: Jasmine, Dark chocolate
Heart notes: White cedar, Teak
Base notes: Vanilla, Milk, Musk, Dark chocolate

  • Eau de Toilette
  • Made in France