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Lait concentré by Chabaud Maison de Parfum

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Light, slightly sweet, but at the same time completely unobtrusive, Chabaud Lait Concentre is perfect for use by charming, delicate, romantic and elegant women It will be a magnificent completion of a sophisticated evening look, and will look great in the light of bright spotlights and solemn splendor. The first on hot skin are sweet, velvety notes of warm, tasty milk. At the heart of the perfume composition are the fruity motifs of exotic coconut. Sugary-sweet caramel, refined and perfect, stunning and unforgettable, completes the mind-blowing picture. Tell the world around you about your alluring and seductiveness with the delightful scent of Chabaud Lait Concentre.

Top notes:milk
Heart notes:coconut
Base notes:caramel