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Italica by Xerjoff Casamorati

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The romantic holiday of all lovers in 2021 has become a landmark not only for all the romantics of our planet, but also for a huge number of perfume aesthetes who received an endless number of dazzling olfactory novelties as a gift from world brands. The elite Italian house Xerjoff did not remain aloof from this whirlwind of aromatic emotions, presenting its precious re-release of the oriental scent of Italica already familiar to fans.

The original version of the 2016 release was distinguished by a special gourmet, however, the new interpretation has become even more contrasting and intense, richly sensual and even frank. After the successful presentation of the limited edition, the authors decided to include this stylish and seductive fragrance in their exclusive line of permanent fragrances that will delight fans year after year with their exclusive and incredibly beautiful melodies. The outer design of the bottle follows the silhouette of the incomparable original and is also painted in rich velvety scarlet shades of red, against which the contrasting golden elements seem even more luxurious and expressive.

The pyramid of Xerjoff Italica perfume is dominated by warm creamy-nutty vibes of ripe almonds and warmed milk, flavored with a pinch of spicy oriental saffron. This complex and thorny path leads us to the rich heart of the composition, woven from soft threads of bourbon vanilla and mouth-watering toffee. The airy base of sandalwood and rare white musk delights with its gracefulness and smoothly completes the melody of the scent.

Top notes: Almonds, Milk, Saffron
Heart notes: Bourbon vanilla, Toffee
Base notes: White musk, Sandalwood

  • Eau de Parfum
  • Made in Italy