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Memo Paris

Irish Leather by Memo Paris

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An exotic cocktail intoxicates with the best shades of tenderness, it evokes a feeling of burning desire. A woman in such a halo is always desirable and unique. There is an insoluble riddle in her, a kind of mystery that arouses irresistible interest, the desire to comprehend all the strings of her soul. It's amazing how a laconic bouquet turns into a stunning multifaceted luxury, woven from many shades. What can give more pleasure than the refined tart aura of the skin, intertwined with the delightful beauty of tonka beans, juniper fruits and mesmerizing amber. Memo Irish Leather creates the image of a confident woman who knows the value of her attractiveness and charm. She can be a gorgeous seductress and an incredible sorceress who attracts admiring glances

Top notes:leather
Heart notes:amber, juniper berries
Base notes:tonka beans, mate