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Gris Charnel

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At the annual perfumery exhibition 2019, held in Cannes, the French design house Parfums BDK presented an exquisite fragrance duo, created by the founder of the brand in collaboration with the best masters of the world. One of them was the brilliant unisex “fougere” Parfums BDK Gris Charnel with bright woody notes in character. This picture tells us about the most sensual and carnal emotions that live in the heart of every person. Its exciting unearthly scent literally reveals all the most hidden feelings, seducing and tempting everyone who falls under the influence of his witchcraft. The charming Matilda Bizho, who participated in the birth of this impeccable creation, was able to add a certain "physicality" and earthly emotions to the scent, literally "dampening" its angelic perfection of flowers with seductive saturated smells of thick cistus. The first opening notes of this perfume take us into the atmosphere of a cloudy Parisian morning, the sky of which is covered with gray clouds, and the air literally smells of freshness and damp coolness. The charming, subtle creamy sweetness of the scent is due to the perfumer, who has added graceful accents of Indian sandalwood to the pyramid, which gives the picture subtle nuances of warm milk. The enveloping tenderness of Parfums BDK Gris Charnel is instantly replaced by the harshness of cardamom and black tea, decorated with a slice of gourmet figs. Powdery haze of iris root clouded the mysterious "heart" of the perfume, revealing a languid, sensual sillage of tonka beans and bourbon vetiver.


Top notes: figs, cardamom, black tea

Heart notes:orris root, incense, milk

Base notes: tonka bean, bourbon vetiver, sandalwood

  • Eau de Parfum
  • Made in France

Customer Reviews

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Refined and elegant fragrance

Gris Charnel in my TOP10 list

Perfume starts with tea notes with cardamon, the freshness of fig and the roughness of vetiver. By the base it begins to warm up, become a little sweeter, more balanced
Gris Charnel is cozy and expressive, but discreet and conventional at the same time
Recommend to use in the cold season
Longevity on my skin 8h

So unusual and so delight

Bought 10 ml , was so surprised for fast delivery and such a nice packaging