Figuier Eden Armani Prive
Figuier Armani prive perfume

Figuier Eden

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This is a fragrance from the "Antique" collection of Les Eaux, the fifth perfume in this line - a stunning addition to the family of magnificent fragrances. The best perfumers from the house of Giorgio. The perfume aura is revealed with marvelous accords of sensuality and tenderness, delicately turning into a powerful force of charm, seductiveness and sensuality. The fragrance, like a flower of paradise, reveals itself with the enchanting tenderness of touching juicy motives. The top notes of Armani Prive Figuier Eden sparkle with sparkling sweet tangerine, accentuated by the piquancy of bergamot and the innocent spice of pink pepper. The charm of the first chords only intensifies in the heart notes, when sensuality and depth are manifested in the composition. It is expressed by notes of oriental figs, tart freshness of herbs and tea. The last tones dominate in the "heart" of the perfume, therefore a certain harmony of a sweet beginning and a more daring continuation is created. A worthy completion of the bouquet is the regal nobility of Moroccan iris and sensual sexy amber.

Top notes: bergamot, tangerine, pink pepper

Heart notes:figs, herbs, tea

Base notes:amber, iris