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Fan your Flames by Nishane

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An incredibly sophisticated representative of niche perfumery, Nishane Fan Your Flames is distinguished by its unique lightness, coupled with delicate, translucent woody motifs. Since 2016, he has managed to gain thousands of fans from different parts of the globe thanks to the originality of the composition, coupled with charming, modern design solutions.

The fragrance is positioned as unisex, so it is perfect for both noble, sophisticated representatives of the stronger sex, and for pretty, charming, feminine ladies.

Tropical accords of ripe, exotic coconut are perfectly set off by intoxicating motifs of expensive, delicious Cuban rum. The heart of the perfume composition consists of dizzying, natural tobacco, which looks interesting against the background of smoky, refined tonka beans. Incendiary oak moss harmoniously combines with woody motifs of pretty Chinese cedar in the base of the triangle, leaving behind a great aftertaste.

Nishane Fan Your Flames fragrance is designed for use in the evening, so it is ideal for attending special occasions, incendiary parties, unforgettable dates, and working corporate parties. Even the most demanding representatives of both sexes will not be able to resist its alluring charm, as evidenced by its stunning popularity and huge sales in different parts of the globe.

Top notes: Coconut, Rum
Heart notes: Tonka bean, Tobacco
Base notes: Oakmoss, Cedar

  • Extrait de Parfum
  • Made in Turkey