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Crystal Love for Her Attar Collection
Crystal Love for Her perfume
Crystal love for her attar collection perfume
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Crystal Love for Her

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Attar Collection Crystal Love romantic eau de parfum is based on a fantastic concept of sincere, crystal-clear love between a man and a woman, giving them the meaning of life and inspiring them to many deeds. Such sensual stories that fit perfectly on the olfactory canvas with an impeccable melody of seduction, just in the spirit of the niche Arab brand Attar Collection, which knows how to surprise with its piercingly subtle and multifaceted fantasies.

Oriental masters, like no other, feel an urgent need for emotions from their fans and, with enviable regularity, present amazing compositions filled with passion and the warmest feelings. The inspiration for the creation of an oriental unisex perfume was the heartfelt love story of an oriental beauty Leyla and her chosen one, a talented poet named Majnun. Unfortunately, they were destined to part, but the feelings that the lovers could experience remained forever in their hearts as an unhealed spiritual wound.

From the first seconds of its opening on the skin, the fragrance of Attar Collection Crystal Love strikes on the spot with its intoxicating sweetness of fruity notes, in the rays of which a lovely rose bathes. The velvet of its petals becomes an overture to an exciting melody of the heart, where gourmand shades of dark chocolate and warm spice of nutmeg reign. The delicate powdery base is represented by appetizing vanilla accents contrasting with the rich bitterness of tonka beans.

Top notes: Rose, Fruity notes
Heart notes: White musk, Nutmeg, Dark chocolate
Base notes: Tonka bean, Vanilla

  • Eau de Parfum
  • Made in UAE