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Ciel Amouage
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Ciel Women

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The fragrance is sensual and seems to glow from within, it reminds of an early, fresh, clear morning, of the first spring rain. Refreshing like a cool shower on a summer day, Ciel unfolds a green oasis in the middle of the endless desert. An explosive medley of fresh citruses, spicy spices and delicate lavender energizes, calm and blissful. The dominance of the scent is limitless, and its character is indomitable. He pours passion into the fire, thus maintaining some detachment and inner equanimity. One drop and it is everywhere: it is reflected in the blue depths of the sea, melts the ice, turns into morning light. He is the endless sky over his head. Amouage Ciel Ladies is made to be loved.

Top notes:amber, gardenia, jasmine, cedar, incense, violet leaf, musk, rose, sandalwood, cyclamen, water lily, peach blossom

Heart notes:jasmine, rose, water lily, peach blossom

Base notes:amber, cedar, incense, musk, sandalwood

  • Eau de Parfum
  • Made in Oman

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