Black Mafia perfume
Black Mafia Bybozo
Black Mafia sample size travel decant 5ml

Black Mafia

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Bybozo Black Mafia. The scent of the darkening night. Night. A dark, dense forest. And in the depth smokes an extinguished fire, coals flicker and the remains continue to crackle. So belligerent, so alluring. Magical. Only the mafia would dare enter this gloomy forest. It invites you in.

The crushed green note scatters branches, beckoning, waving, captivating with its sweet smokes. And something familiar... the smell of roasted grains, hot tobacco, clouds of thick, resinous wood. Oud whispers softly: "I'll pretend to be a vanilla pod, so it won't be scary." Incense, like a guardian angel, comes behind. Animal instinct. Black Mafia. The scent of the darkening night.

GroupsWoody, Wine Glass
The top notes are: Green notes
The middle notes are: Woody notes, Tobacco, Coffee
The base notes are: Incense
Manufacturer: Paul Emilien
  • Eau de Parfum
  • Made in France