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  • Baccara Vanille  Les Fleurs du Golfe
  • Baccarat Vanille sample size travel decant 5ml
  • baccara vanille les fleurs du golfe cheap long lasting  vanilla perfume for women and men
  • Baccara vanille  affordable niche perfume  with monster longevity and sillage
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Les Fleurs du Golfe

Baccara Vanille

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Combining the subtle sweetness of vanilla and the exquisite resinous shades of amber, the perfume cannot leave anyone indifferent.

The aromatic composition of Baccara Vanille meets with sparkling freshness of citrus notes. A bright, intoxicating bouquet of tropical floral notes and a spicy bitter-spicy scent of almonds give the composition a sweet, exotic touch, as if inviting you to travel to sunny paradise islands. And the sound of the Les Fleurs Du Golfe Baccara Vanille perfume is completed by the most delicate and intoxicating aromatic trail, woven from the refined sweetness of vanilla and the resinous shades of amber, recalling the sound of a wonderful aroma with a long aromatic echo.

Top notes: Bergamot
Heart notes: Tropical flowers, Indian Roses, Almonds
Base notes: Vanilla, Amber

  • Extrait de Parfum
  • Made in France