Poecile Perfume Review

Poécilé Perfume Review: Discover the Charm of French Niche

Jun 25, 2024

Charm from France: Poécilé perfumes

Today we're going to talk about this French perfume brand called Poécilé, which is named after a cute little bird called the tit. The tit is this adorable little bird you can find in French gardens, and it moves through the air just like how the perfume's scent spreads through the air to give people a fragrant experience. The brand is all about taking care of the environment - their perfumes are all vegan and made with organic wheat alcohol, and the flavors are 87% or more natural ingredients! No pesticides or controversial materials, just pure goodness. It's like a miracle! So if you want to experience the magic of these perfumes, we'll happily help you figure it out and find something that works for you!

The power of freshness: Bleu Asgard 


Poecile Perfume Review Bleu Asgard

Diving into the refreshing world of Bleu Asgard, this sea citrus fragrance is a unisex delight. With top notes of iodine, cardamom, pink berries, and grapefruit, it captures the essence of the sea air. The heart notes of seaweed absolute and mineral notes add depth, while the base notes of papyrus, amber, and fine linger beautifully. I feel transported to the midst of a raging sea, with waves crashing around me and the salty breeze on my skin.

Arcadie Floral :  floral freshness

Poecile Perfume Review Arcadie Florale

This fragrance is a versatile choice for both men and women. Its blend of figs, clary sage, wildflowers, jasmine, lavender-honey accord, and amber creates a symphony of scents perfect for warm weather. It's like strolling through a vineyard on a sunny day, surrounded by blooming fields and a hint of flower sweetness  in the air. 

Fragrance with the smell of the forest: Eden Volcanique

Poecile Perfume Review Eden Volcanique

This unisex fragrance is created for all seasons. The combination of clary sage, pink berries, narcissus, mineral notes, woody elements and vetiver create a complex and subtle aroma. It feels like walking through a secluded forest with a waterfall nearby. The greenery mingles with a cool breeze, creating a mysterious character and gentle sweetness that captures me.

Paris in a bottle: Rose Lutece 


Rose Lute is all about feminine charm and romance, but it's unisex, which is strange. It has top notes of grapefruit and bergamot that blend well with rose and patchouli in the middle, followed by base notes of sandalwood and tobacco, which give it an extra touch of sophistication. It smells like a dreamy date on a balcony in a cozy little town, with roses blooming everywhere, which is what France is all about, I think. 

Summer vibes: Hesperides Idylliques

Poecile Perfume Review Hesperides Ilylliques

For a fresh and elegant scent perfect for warm weather, I recommend Hesperide Idyllic. This perfume has citrus top notes, including bergamot, lemon, tangerine and verbena, complemented by jasmine and mimosa, with a musky base.  It is soft, clean, elegant, and reminds me of seashells and something pleasantly sour.

Overall, this french brand range offers a wide variety of scents, catering to different preferences and seasons. Each fragrance tells a different story, evoking different emotions and memories. Whether you prefer the sea or floral fields, or want to feel romantic in Paris, there's a scent for everyone. So why not try Poècilé and let your senses take you on an aromatic adventure like no other?

Specialist commentary from Stanislav

I think the brand has a real shot at beating a lot of other brands in the perfumery world in terms of quality, even some pretty famous ones. Every perfume lover should give these niche fragrances a try. They have a special vibe and history to them. People notice the authenticity and top-notch quality of their natural fragrances.


What is Poécilé?

Poécilé is a niche perfume brand known for its unique, artistic approach to fragrance creation. Each scent is crafted with high-quality ingredients and a deep attention to detail, catering to perfume enthusiasts looking for something special and distinctive.

What is a niche perfume?

A niche perfume is a fragrance created by a smaller, often independent brand that focuses on unique, high-quality ingredients and innovative scent combinations. These perfumes are typically produced in smaller quantities and are designed for a more discerning audience.

Where can I buy Poécilé perfumes in the USA?

You can buy this brand’s perfumes directly on our website. We are happy to deliver perfumes to the USA and Canada for our customers

Do you have a sample set with Poécilé perfumes?

Yes, there is Poecile Discovery set which contains 5 fragrances of the brand, each perfume has a sprayer. 

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