Malibu Simone Andreoli Fragrance Review

A fragrance for your cool summer - Malibu Party in the Bay Simone Andreoli

Jun 12, 2024

A couple of years ago, I discovered a fragrance that immediately attracted me. It reminded me so much of my summer trip to the ocean - it was Creed's Virgin Island Water. However, now this fragrance is sold at an exorbitant price for me, so I decided to find something similar. In pursuit of a similar scent, I found Simone Andreoli Malibu and, by the way, it was at a very reasonable price.

Simplicity and elegance. Is there anything else you need?

Perfume Simone Andreoli Malibu Review

A little black cap combined with a clear and high-quality bottle makes it look really luxurious. The packaging is super appealing to me, both visually and because it's so convenient to use. It's just so beautiful, simple, and tasteful.

Malibu Simone Andreoli: The juiciness of a lime in a bottle

This fragrance is suitable for both men and women and embodies the atmosphere of a summer beach party. Its top notes include lime and green, which I've never heard last longer than 20 minutes. However, in Malibu Party in the Bay, they are incredibly persistent. After that, the smell of coconut nectar and something sweet is revealed, but the sweetness of the scent is not suffocating thanks to the base notes of rum and sandalwood. The scent  stayed on my skin for about 5 hours, and it was moderately bright and refreshing.

Simone Andreoli Malibu Perfume Review

Experience the Summer Beach Party!

For fans of coconut flavors, this fragrance is absolutely amazing. It makes me feel like I'm relaxing on a tropical island, surrounded by crystal-clear blue sea and beautiful sunsets. It takes me straight to a place of serenity and peace. In fact, whenever I want to escape to paradise, this is the fragrance I reach for.

This fragrance really reminded me of the Virgin Island Water by Creed, and with the coconut note, it's kinda similar to the Coconut Lime Breeze by Bath & Body Works.

Simone Andreoli Malibu Fragrance Review

Get ready for the fact that everyone you meet will undoubtedly be enchanted by its alluring fragrance. Everyone will definitely be interested in the smell of Malibu Party in the Bay by Simone Andreoli, which surrounds you. It's a cool fragrance and I highly recommend adding it to your summer scent collection!

Our Expert,  Natalie

Usually,  fresh top notes of lime and green fade pretty quickly, but in this fragrance, they last much longer.  Don't worry, Malibu is not too sweet—thanks to the base notes of rum and sandalwood, it stays balanced and not overwhelming. If you're into coconut scents, this fragrance is going to be your new favorite. In short, it's a lovely, versatile scent that's perfect for anyone who wants a little taste of tropical bliss in their daily life.




What are the notes in Simone Andreoli Malibu?

The top notes include Lime and Green Accord, the middle notes consist of Coconut Nectar and Sugar, while the base notes are Rum and Sandalwood. It embodies a festive atmosphere with its blend of beachy cocktail scents, featuring coconut, rum, sugar, and lime, all complemented by the smooth and warm undertones of sandalwood.

What occasions is this perfume best suited for?

This fragrance is ideal for casual outings, beach parties, and summer events. Its refreshing and lively scent makes it perfect for any relaxed and fun occasion.

How long does the scent last?

The fragrance typically lasts around five hours on the skin, offering a moderate longevity.

Where can I buy a Malibu from Simone Andreoli?

You can buy it on our website – we deliver to the US and Canada.

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