Best teen fragrances, niche edition
A Anastasia Novosad

5 Most Popular Teen Fragrance for Guys

Feb 21, 2024

Today, we decided to treat you to a selection of the most popular fragrances from the TikTok world that have already won the hearts of many modern teenagers. In our collection, you will find a perfume that will definitely not leave you indifferent. We have also curated a special "My First Niche Set" of all the scents mentioned in this article to make it convenient for you to find the perfect one. Are you ready to discover which scents have captured millions of followers? Let's delve into the perfume trends for guys together!


Indulge in caramel cognac bliss with Angels' Share Kilian

Angels share Kilian perfume

Discover the fragrance of Angel's Share Kilian - a magical combination of cognac, cinnamon and tonka beans to create a cozy atmosphere. The fragrance Kilian Angel’s Share contains essence of cognac, giving it a natural caramel hue. You will also sense the natural oak scent and sweet vanilla, surrounded by spicy accents of sandalwood. It's a cozy, sophisticated fragrance that will transport you to a Christmas evening, with a traditional cinnamon-spiced fruitcake on the table, soaked in cognac.

Luxury in a bottle Red Tobacco Mancera

Mancera Red Tobacco perfume
Dive into luxury with Red Tobacco by Mancera. Cozy and sweet, it's a must-have for the winter months. The blend of cinnamon, oud, and tobacco creates an exciting combination that suits both men and women. Notes of vanilla, amber, and sandalwood add elegance and luxury, making the fragrance incredibly appealing. Picture yourself in a bar, surrounded by leather furniture, holding a glass of fine whisky, savoring the scent of Cuban cigars - that's the sensation Red Tobacco by Mancera will give you.

Dive into Citrus Heaven with Erba Pura Xerjoff

Xerjoff erba pura cologne

Indulge in the invigorating vibes of Erba Pura by Xerjoff, a unisex fragrance perfect for those sunny days. Starts with fresh notes of Sicilian orange, lemon, and Calabrian bergamot, this fragrance transitions to fruity notes and culminates in a rich base of white musk, Madagascan vanilla, and amber. Erba Pura by Xerjoff will undoubtedly make you feel fresh, like after a sip of a tropical fruit juice.

Irresistible sweetness Arabians Tonka Montale


Experience the exotic allure of Arabians Tonka by Montale, a perfect blend of woody scents. The blend of saffron, oud, rose, and tonka beans creates a refined autumn fragrance that suits both men and women. Bergamot and oakmoss add freshness and depth to this perfume. The sweet note of sugarcane gives it a special charm, making it sweet but not overpowering. The longevity of Arabians Tonka by Montale is impressive - the scent lingers even after a day has passed!

Unleash your confidence with Layton Parfums de Marly

PDM Layton cologne

Get fresh with Layton by Parfums de Marly - a unisex fragrance ideal for men in chilly weather. The combination of apple, lavender, bergamot, and mandarin in the top notes provides freshness, while the geranium, violet, and jasmine in the middle notes add a unique charm. Sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, and cardamom in the base create a balanced and refined scent. With Layton by Parfums de Marly, you will feel confident, stylish, and incomparable.


What is trendy in perfumes?

Gourmand fragrances, inspired by sweet treats and using notes like vanilla, caramel and luscious fruits, continue to be incredibly popular, with global sales expected to grow by 3.8% from 2023 to 2033

What is the most popular fragrance right now?

We've talked about the most popular perfumes from TikTok in this selection. But you can also check out Dior Sauvage, Creed Aventus, Mancera Cedrat Boise, and others.

Which perfume is mostly used by girls?

Mostly it is observed that floral and fruity fragrances are girls' favorites as these fragrances are considered as feminine special flavors. Girls often like fragrances like rose, jasmine, lavender, or fruits like pineapple, peach etc

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