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6 Best-Selling Niche Perfumes To Wear This Spring

Mar 17, 2022

Your niche perfume wardrobe for this spring

Every year, spring brings a fresh start with the first rays of the sun. We put aside our winter clothing, hide gloves and wool scarves, and look for a light spring fragrance to cheer us up.

Don’t limit yourself with staple flowery scents – our selection includes versatile niche perfumes for upcoming spring: soft floral notes, juicy fruity hints, refreshingly clean perfumes, and even festive champagne fragrances!

Choose your unique way to transit from a gloomy cold winter to a blossoming season with one of these spring perfumes!

Decent by Bybozo

Bybozo decent perfume

Main accords: peony, litchi, pink pepper


A recent addition to the ByBozo family, this fragrance can become your staple niche perfume before it gets too cliché. Sophisticated and elegant notes of peony blossom combined with tropical notes of litchi will awaken the memory of the first love and tender feelings.


From the first spritz, Decent by ByBozo will envelop you with its pure and innocent cloud. Ideal spring fragrance for romantic natures, lovers of delicate floral compositions and light sweetness.

Lili Fantasy by Juliette Has a Gun

Juliette has a gun lili fantasy

Main accords: bubble gum, tuberose, jasmine


The opening is a bright bubble gum explosion. Give it a minute or two, and a flirty scent, sparkling with the floral notes of young tuberose and shy jasmine will become more evident. When wearing Lili Fantasy as your spring fragrance, get ready to be surrounded by sweet and powdery sensations everywhere you go.


This charismatic niche perfume shows incredible longevity – up to 2 days on clothes. Suitable for extravagant and young women (even for those who feel forever young).

Pink Molecule by Zarkoperfume

zarkoperfume pink molecule eau de parfum

Main accords: champagne, apricot, black orchid


This niche perfume by a Danish brand is a pure invitation to a party! Champagne-centered notes with the fruity and uplifting scent of apricot nectar. Despite the childish and girlish vibes, this fragrance is a great “wardrobe” for grown-up women. The scent remains unchanged on the skin so no unpleasant surprises when wearing it. Longevity is amazing – 8 hours and more.


Pink Molecule by Zarkoperfume is a perfect antidote after depressing winter days. Get ready to collect thousands of compliments. The sweetish and refreshing scents of spring fragrance will show their best qualities during late spring and hot days.


Azora by Attar Collection

 Azora Attar Collection

Main accords: litchi, bergamot, orange, peach, jasmine

 Like any other oriental scent with enigmatic vibes, this niche perfume will reveal its multiple layers one by one. The composition opens with vivid citrusy notes but quickly turns into a floral spring fragrance. The last accord that remains on the skin is a touch of musky and fruity aroma. Sweet peach vibes are dominant.


Proving its impeccable quality, Azora is strong and concentrated – a few spritzes are enough. The scent is suitable for self-confident and bold women.


Stilettos on Lex by Jul et Mad

Jul et Mad stilettos on Lex niche perfume

Main accords: pear, lemon, violet leaf, lily of the valley


A spring fragrance with a touch of French class. Powerful but at the same floral and powdery scent, it smells like the beginning of spring itself.


The architecture of this niche perfume is amazing – the main notes create a mesmerizing blend. The interplay between ripe juicy pear and the freshness of violet leaves is truly exceptional. Neither sweet nor green, definitely not “yummy” but still mouth-watering, Stilettos on Lex by Jul et Mad will bring all the nuances of spring with a couple of spritzes.


La Tulipe by Byredo

Byredo la tulipe eau de parfum

Main accords: freesia, cyclamen, rhubarb, pink tulip


A perfectly balanced concoction of soapy, floral and greenish nuances. In the opening, this niche perfume bursts with a bunch of freshly cut tulips and carries pure and innocent sensations. The vibrant notes of a fresh garden after the rain and sweet laundry aroma will stick in your head for the whole day.


There’s nothing mysterious or complex in this scent, yet people are immediately drawn to it. La Tulipe by Byredo feels very realistic and innocent. Use this lovely and light spring fragrance to match your good mood on any day.


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