3 Best Creed Unisex Perfumes

3 Best Creed Unisex Perfumes

Mar 4, 2023

Finding a signature scent that fits your personality and style can be a challenge. But when it comes to unisex perfumes, Creed has some of the best and most unique scents on the market today. Established in 1760 by James Henry Creed in London, England, Creed is now one of the world’s oldest fragrance houses.

Today they are still owned and managed by the same family. They ensure that their commitment to quality products remains unchanged after more than 250 years in business. It's no wonder then why their products are regarded as some of the very best in the industry.

So if you're looking for a gender-neutral scent that is luxurious and elegant at the same time, look no further than Creed's exquisite collection of unisex perfumes. Here we will review three of their best offerings - Silver Mountain Water, Millesime Imperiale, Original Vetiver.

3 Top Gender-Neutral Fragrances from the House of Creed

1. Best Everyday Unisex Creed Perfume: Creed Silver Mountain

If you're looking for an everyday scent that won't overwhelm the room, Silver Mountain Water may be the right choice. It was first released in 1995. This aromatic cologne evokes the feeling of skiing through Swiss Alps with its bright citrus notes and musky wood base. It also contains subtle florals which provide depth beneath added green tea layers for an edge over classic fragrances. Projection, or how far the scent radiates from your skin, is light, making it ideal for office wear or outing. Without being too overpowering this unisex perfume by Creed yet still leaving behind memorable moments everywhere you go.

2. Best Aquatic Creed Cologne: Millésime Impérial

It is a classic unisex perfume that is renowned for its aquatic notes. It was created with an exuberant touch of the ocean, perfect for the confident, laid-back individual. This alluring scent opens with a bracing blast of sea salt and marine notes, backed up by juicy tropical fruits for an invigoratingly fresh aroma. As it develops, a musky woody base lifts the fragrance, giving Creed’s signature finishing touch. Millésime Impérial by Creed is suitable for all occasions and seasons. This sweet-smelling fragrance will add a splash of sophistication to any outfit or activity. Whether you are heading out to work in the morning or spending time with friends during summer nights, this perfume will be sure to bring out the best in you.

3. Best Fresh Unisex Creed Perfume: Original Vetiver

It is a modern and sophisticated cologne perfect for anyone looking for a fresh, green scent. This unisex fragrance was created by the master perfumer Olivier Creed. He utilized all three parts of the vetiver plant to provide a unique spin on this classic note. Other components include ginger, lemon, cypress, white musk, and cedarwood. Together these notes create a balanced composition that is both invigorating yet professional. This perfume is ideal for anyone looking to make an impression in any business setting. The bright clean notes of Original Vetiver make it well-suited to warmer weather and provide a refreshing boost when needed. It is perfectly suited for both casual and formal occasions alike. Original Vetiver by Creed provides a subtle yet distinctive scent that will last throughout the day. Whether you’re looking for an everyday go-to or something special, this perfume  is sure to please with its fresh green aroma and timeless appeal.


What was the first unisex perfume?

CK One, released in 1994 by Calvin Klein.

How do I know if my perfume is unisex?

Easiest way to find out is by reading the product description online or asking a staff member at a perfume shop. Genderless fragrances are generally not labeled as 'unisex' on the bottle, but they are usually listed as such on perfume websites.

What are the benefits of unisex perfumes?

They are perfect for anyone looking for a subtle, balanced scent that can be worn without being too overpowering. There are no gender-specific notes in unisex perfumes, which makes them suitable to be worn by all genders. They don't smell too much like a heavy cologne or sweet women's fragrance. It makes them the perfect choice of scent for those who want something more neutral and light.

Can men wear unisex perfume?

Absolutely! Unisex perfumes are created to suit anyone regardless of their gender identity or preferred style of fragrance. Despite marketing campaigns and advertising suggesting otherwise, there is no rule that says you need to wear a certain type of scent based on your gender. You should wear whatever you feel most comfortable with. So if unisex perfume suits your taste best, go ahead and give it a try!

Is Creed a luxury brand?

It is certainly one of the most prestigious names in the fragrance industry today. Each bottle crafted with skillful artistry using only the finest ingredients sourced from all over the world. Their focus on quality has made them synonymous with luxury amongst those who appreciate fine fragrances.

What is the most popular Creed scent?

Creed Aventus. Launched in 2010, this distinctive scent has made its mark as the most popular and sought after of all time.

Is Creed a luxury perfume?

Yes. The House of Creed provides an exclusive blend of fragrances crafted with the finest ingredients found around the globe. Featuring innovative designs, these artisan perfumes are truly something special.

Are Creed perfumes worth it?

Although there are many other options on the market that may not cost as much, a Creed scent is well worth the investment. With their amazing quality and unique scents, you'll be able to enjoy them for years to come. The right fragrances can add so much to your daily life - whether it be refreshing your mood or creating memories of special occasions.


The House of Creed is known for its luxury fragrances that cater to both men and women alike. Whether you’re searching for an everyday scent or something for special occasions, these best Creed unisex perfumes will do just fine! Be sure to give them all a try.

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L Luis Hernandez
Apr 27, 2023

Recientemente compré Original Vetiver y debo decir que estoy impresionado. Es perfecto para usar todos los días

A Anthony
Apr 8, 2023
I tried it once and while I liked it I didn’t think it was anything extraordinary💁
J Joshua
Apr 8, 2023

I haven’t tried silver mountain yet but I’m a fan of creed’s other fragrances

N Nicole
Mar 31, 2023

Silver mountain is my favourite! 🔥