Image showcasing Cherry Punk, Room 1015's bestselling fragrance, depicted as a vibrant perfume bottle with rebellious cherry-red accents, embodying the wild spirit of punk rock.

Room 1015: Strumming the Olfactory Chords of Psychedelia

Jun 27, 2023

Prepare to immerse your senses in a fragrance symphony that pulsates to the beat of the extraordinary, the untamed, and the rebel. Room 1015's essence is firmly rooted in the otherworldly universe of psychedelia, with a particular spotlight on the explosive energy of psychedelic rock and the instruments that birth its music. The brand's website is a visual trip into a psychedelic rock performance, as vibrant images and scent review videos featuring young, edgy, and tattooed fragrance lovers pulsate to an unseen rhythm.

The creative spirit behind Room 1015 is the charismatic Michael Partouche, better known as Dr. Mike, whose life experiences lend a unique character to the brand. The fusion of his past as a pharmacist and rock guitarist speaks to his intrinsic need to bridge the methodical world of chemistry with the unrestrained, high-decibel energy of a rock concert stage.

The result is a fragrant tableau that radiates a tangible, robust energy. Room 1015's perfumes are audacious and vibrant, adorned with unusually bold note pairings. The head-turning "hydrocarboresin" in Electric Wood, for instance, is a thrilling testament to the brand's love for olfactory exploration.

It's worth mentioning two exceptional offerings from Room 1015 that truly encapsulate the brand's essence - Sonic Flower and Cherry Punk. Sonic Flower is an olfactory homage to the intoxicating power of music. Its composition dances between soothing florals and pulsating musk, reminiscent of a psychedelic tune that starts gentle but crescendos into a raw, powerful anthem.

Cherry Punk, on the other hand, embodies the spirit of punk rock in a bottle, with its brash cherry notes clashing brilliantly against a smoky leather backdrop, akin to a rebellious punk song belted out under glaring stage lights.

Here at Parfum Exquis, your personal gateway to the world of exquisite fragrances, we are thrilled to announce that we are now official resellers of Room 1015. We invite you to come and explore the unique symphony of scents that Room 1015 offers, giving you the opportunity to indulge in these extraordinary fragrance gems.

Room 1015 is not just a brand; it's an olfactory journey that blends the exactitude of science with the uninhibited soul of rock music. It's a brand that, akin to an unforgettable rock anthem, leaves a profound imprint on the fragrance world with its celebration of individuality. We welcome you to dive into this mesmerizing world of fragrances with Room 1015, where every scent is a melody, a story, a statement.

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