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New Perfumes at Parfum Exquis

Nov 5, 2022

We are so excised to offer you new perfumes at our store, without a further due here it is. Our new acquisition features exquisite scents that will leave your senses tantalized and wanting more. Browse through our selection and find the perfect fragrance for your individual needs. We know you won't be disappointed!

tom ford oud wood

Tom Ford Oud Wood 

            • Top notes: Cardamom, Rosewood, Sichuan pepper.
            • Heart notes: Vetiver, Sandalwood, Oud.
            • Base notes: Amber, Tonka bean, Vanilla.

The warm, inviting scent of incense-filled temples evokes memories of distant lands and times gone by. Now you can feel the same sense of nostalgia with every use of Oud Wood by using this groundbreaking composition that brings together rare and exotic woods from across the globe. Celebrated for their evocative aroma, sandalwood, rosewood, eastern spices, and sensual amber are blended together in a way that will transport you back in time.
Tom ford Oud Wood is a must-have addition to any connoisseur's collection; fragrant yet powerful with its rich aroma, it is sure to leave your senses tantalized. You won't regret it!

Mancera Instant Crush

Mancera Instant Crush

            • Top notes: Ginger, Citruses, Saffron.
            • Heart notes: Amber, Jasmine, Rose.
            • Base notes: Vanilla, Oakmoss, Musk, Sandalwood.

You've smelled it, you've tasted it - now Mancera's Instant Crush is a best-seller! The irresistible trio rose - jasmine - amber strikes again, in a rich mix of sensuality and romance. A real «crush» that conjures up feelings of desire and temptation, this fragrance will have you swooning in seconds. Combining citrus fruits with sandalwood and vanilla make this fragrance perfect for those who want to feel pampered at all times. Wear it alone or layer with others for an extra dose of seduction!

MFK Oud Satin Mood

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Satin Mood 

            • Top notes: Benzoin, Bulgarian rose, Oud.
            • Heart notes: Turkish rose, Violet.
            • Base notes: Vanilla.

Sometimes, we simply wish to be taken away by something. As you sit at home, watching your favorite show on TV or reading a book, you feel yourself drifting away. That's when Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Satin Mood comes in handy! This eau de parfum encapsulates the essence of satinwood and amber with a touch of vanilla that will give you an oud wood-scented fragrance that will transport you to another place entirely. It'll make your skin glow in the dim light and adjust to the change in temperature within seconds. With this fragrance, you can effortlessly switch between casual events like parties and dates or for more formal gatherings like weddings or conferences.

Devil's Intrique HFC
Haute France Company Devil's Intrigue

            • Top notes: White tea, Osmanthus
            • Heart notes: Sandalwood, Orange blossom
            • Base notes: Vanilla, Cashmeran, Woody notes

Life is an adventure, and if you don't let it be so, then you miss all the fun stuff. Meet Haute France's newest offering! This classy yet devilish scent will have your senses tingling with delight. Devil's Intrigue by Haute France is a blend of luxurious rice milk and orange blossom that'll leave you wanting more.

This fragrance gives you a dreamy mix of sweet vanilla and amber that'll make everyone turn their heads in unison! Either way, Devil's Intrigue will take you on an aroma journey to remember!

Interlude Woman Amouage

Amouage Interlude Woman

            • Top: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Ginger, Calendula.
            • Heart: Immortelle, Walnut, Jasmine, Kiwi, Coffee, Incense, Rose, Sandalwood, Honey, Orange blossom, Opoponax.
            • Soul: Amber, Benzoin, Tonka bean, Vanilla, Oakmoss, Leather, Musk, Sandalwood, Oud.

A fragrance so captivating, aromatic and effervescent that you'll be spellbound for hours on end. Interlude Woman by Amouage is a perfect blend of chypre, floral and woods that leaves you in awe of its deep, earthy aroma. This rich scent will keep you refreshed all day long as it imparts an aura of sensuality and elegance. Perfect for the woman who values quality over quantity when it comes to perfumes, this gift from the gods is sure to turn heads wherever you go!

For a woman who values her independence, yet craves for stability that can only be found in a relationship where compromise prevails over competition, choose Amouage Interlude Woman as your signature scent!







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