Theodoras Kalotinis perfume

Discover Theodoros Kalotinis Perfumes: An Olfactory Journey 

Apr 14, 2023

Perfumes have been an essential part of our lives for centuries, and the house of Theodoros Kalotinis Perfumer has been a game-changer in the world of artisanal perfume. This niche perfume house is renowned for his capacity to take cues from nature and craft fragrances that are simultaneously timeless and modern.

The success of the house peaked in 2018 when Theodoros Kalotinis created personal perfumes for Prince of Wales, Charles and Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla. The perfumer's extraordinary ability and hard work has been a critical factor in the success of the brand, with its reach growing due to the power of social media and other forms of mass communication.

The house of Theodoros Kalotinis has supplied numerous Greek and international celebrities with its perfumes. The combination of classicism and high-quality natural substances is what captivates the heart and trust of the customers who love perfumes that are well-known for their distinctiveness and authenticity.

What sets the perfumes of Theodoros Kalotinis apart is the focus on quality and sophistication. The fragrances are inspired by his Greek heritage and the natural beauty of the Mediterranean. Each fragrance in the collection has a unique personality and charm, making them perfect for different moods and occasions.

Tobacco Maniac

Tobacco Maniac perfume

It is a fragrance that is both complex and enticing. The smoky tobacco leaf notes blend seamlessly with the spicy cherry scent, creating a beautiful and alluring aroma that lingers on the skin. As the fragrance develops, a hint of chocolate emerges, adding to the sensual and mysterious character of the scent.

Whether you're heading to a fancy event or a night out on the town, Tobacco Maniac is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Coffee Addict

coffee addict theodoros kalotinis perfume

The perfect scent for anyone who can't get enough of the rich aroma of freshly roasted coffee. The perfume features the essential oil of the Coffee Arabica plant, which gives it a realistic coffee fragrance that is sure to awaken your senses. The addition of vanilla and cocoa adds a touch of sweetness to the scent, making it irresistible and alluring. As the fragrance develops, it transitions to a caramel coffee aroma that is both complex and comforting.

This long-lasting unisex fragrance is perfect for any occasion and is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Get your hands on Coffee Addict and experience the ultimate in luxury and sophistication.

Alluring Fig

alluring fig theodoros kalotinis perfume

Captivating fragrance that captures the freshness of fig leaves, evoking memories of Greek summer days and picturesque paths that lead to the sea. The fragrance is a perfect ode to the fig tree, from its bole to its cool leaves and milky fruit. The bittersweet accord of fig leaves and creamy vanilla is both alluring and mesmerizing, leaving you speechless. The fragrance opens with a burst of fresh green fig that transitions to a sweet, juicy fig scent with hints of vanilla.

It's like spending a delightful day in a garden on a Greek island, surrounded by the enticing aroma of figs.


We are thrilled to introduce Theodoros Kalotinis perfumes to Canada and the USA, where we believe that people will appreciate and love the brand's unique fragrances.

From the rich and sensual Tobacco Maniac to the fresh and alluring Alluring Fig, there is a scent for everyone to enjoy. The brand's commitment to quality and creativity is evident in each fragrance, and we are confident that our customers will be as captivated by these perfumes as we are. So come and explore the world of Theodoros Kalotinis Perfumer and discover the magic of artisanal perfume-making.

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