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Areej pearl of Dubai, latest release of Niche Perfume House Attar Collection

Nov 18, 2022

Welcome the latest release from Dubai-based perfume house Attar Collection  fragrance called Areej. 

 Areej attar collection perfume

Top notes: White flowers, Damask rose, Magnolia.
Heart notes: Benzoin, Vanilla, Violet leaf, Talc.
Base notes: Amber, White musk, Powdery notes.


Attar Collection's Areej fragrance is a delicate, feminine floral scent that is filled with luxurious floral fragrances. The beautiful flowers, vanilla, and soft greens are the perfect combination of ingredients that are embodied in a sophisticated composition for elegant and self-confident ladies. The smooth waltz of white translucent petals envelops with magic, lightness, and spring freshness, which is carried by the inflorescences of a beautiful magnolia and the sweet vibes of a regal damask rose. This fragrance is perfect for any woman who wants to feel confident and beautiful.

The Attar Collection Areej is a unique fragrance that combines top notes of violet leaf and talc with middle notes of benzoin and vanilla. The base of the fragrance is made up of powdery white musk and amber, which create a seductive, creamy aroma that is unique to each woman who wears it. The Attar Collection Areej is a completely natural perfume that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a casual daytime scent or a glamorous evening fragrance, the Attar Collection Areej is sure to turn heads.

Areej is a luxurious and unique perfume that resembles a mother-of-pearl radiance. The perfume follows its owner invisibly and is embodied in the majestic pearl-pink bottle. This luxurious perfume is gentle and smooth, making it perfect for any special occasion. You will feel like a queen when wearing Areej, as it is truly a luxurious and unique fragrance.




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