Fragrance Discovery Collection for Her

Embark on a sensory journey with our Fragrance Discovery Collection for Her, featuring the captivating Room 1015 and Profumum Roma discovery sets.

Top Vanilla Scents: Althair, Bianco Latte, Happy Dust, Accident a la Vanille, Gioiosa and Ani

Indulge in the sweetness of vanilla with our top picks! Experience the best vanilla perfumes crafted for the modern woman.

Happy Dust Narcotica
Gioiosa Profumum Roma Perfume
Althair Parfums de Marly Perfume Bottle on Elegant Background
Nishane Ani perfume
Jousset Accident a la Vanille
Ducci giardini di toscana bianco latte

Perfume Oil for Women

Discover the growing trend of Perfume Oil for Women - perfect for layering to add depth and dimension to your signature scent.

Exquisite Oud Perfume Collection for Women

Experience the luxury and depth of our Oud Perfume Collection for Women. Each scent, rich in cultural heritage, blends resonant oud with modern notes, perfect for every occasion. Discover your unique oud fragrance today.

Montage Arabians Tonka perfume
Rose of Dangerous Flamenco Simone Andreoli perfume
Oud Satin Mood MFK
Les fleurs du golfe sugar out perfume
Vanilla Oud Vertus perfume

New Perfumes for Women - Trendsetting Fragrances

Explore our latest collection of new perfumes for women, showcasing exclusive and unforgettable fragrances. We're dedicated to bringing the newest trends and unique scents to North America.