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Parfum Exquis - Montreal based niche perfume boutique. Exquis - "French" marked by flawless craftsmanship or by beautiful, ingenious, delicate, or elaborate execution.

We are in constant search for unique and exquisite perfumes around the world to please our dear customers. Check out our exclusive gemstone brands.

Exclusively at Parfum Exquis
  • narcosis by vertus niche perfume free delivery usa and canada


    A totally narcotic blend that creates its own overwhelming magnetism while pulling you in with an addictive passion...


  • thundra by profumum roma niche perfume with free delivery in usa and canada. Montreal Toronto Calgary. vancouver


    Imperceptible it approaches,
    brushing us by contact,
    exhaling earthy fumes of gorges and caverns.
    Alma Mundi: the breath from the outset, the smell of the ever.


  • Aqua Sextius by Jul et Mad paris niche perfume aquatic designer fragrancefragra

    Aqua Sextius

    A true explosion of freshness evoked by an invigorating citrusy and green notes accord, and in perfect balance with the fig, mimosa and subtle white flowers…


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